Overview of My Guide Inside® Comprehensive Curriculum

My Guide Inside is a three-part comprehensive Pre-K-12 story-based curriculum covering developmentally appropriate topics in an ongoing process of learning throughout the entire school career. As a teacher, you choose the level of My Guide Inside that is just right for your students in your particular school system: Book I (introduction, primary), Book II (continuation, intermediate), and Book III (advanced, secondary). This allows school leaders to chart a continuous instructional plan to share the Three Principles with students through the grades.

My Guide Inside offers Stories and Activities Designed for Success

  • Ideal Participation Level Book I: primary (age 4-8, Grades Pre-K-3)

  • Reading Level Book I: “very easy to read” (ages 6-8, Grades 2-3 level)

  • Reading Level Book II: “easy to read” (Grade level: 4 and up)

  • Reading Level Book III: “advanced fluent” (Grade level: 8 and up)

  • Flexibility: regular course or adapt or modify to suit individual learners

  • Settings: classroom, small group or individual

  • Design: inclusive of self-directed learners working independently

  • Ideal Time: start of a program or school year to build community and foster optimism

Objectives of MGI: The principles discussed in this learner book operate in all people, including young children and youth. This curriculum introduces the way to wholeness, happiness, creativity and well-being in all parts of life. Therefore, MGI has these two globally appropriate academic goals to: (1) Enhance Personal Well-being with an understanding of these principles, and (2) Develop competencies in Communication, Thinking, and Personal and Social Responsibility. MGI accomplishes both goals by using stories, discussion and various written and creative activities, as the learning increases your students’ competency in English Language Arts and several other areas.

Discovering their guide inside is key to learning, and it enhances children’s ability to make decisions, navigate life, and build healthy relationships. Accessing that natural wisdom will affect well-being, spiritual wellness, personal and social responsibility, and positive personal and cultural identity. Social-emotional learning, including self-determination, self-regulation, and self-efficacy, is also a natural outcome of greater awareness. This understanding maximizes personal well-being and improves school climate, learner behavior, and academic performance.

The Teacher’s Manual for each book contains lesson plans, pre- and post-assessments, activities, evaluation scales, and resources. With universal principles, this curriculum is designed for global use with all learners. Curriculum guidelines from Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States guide this work.