Introduction to the Three Principles

Gaining an understanding of these foundational principles is known to create consistently dramatic results with those involved. And ... this simple knowledge is relevant for anyone at any age!

Professional Development for the School Year: Series Guidelines


The Power of the Three Principles in Schools Video Series

In the video series below, educators Barb Aust and Christa Campsall give “introductions” to the Long Beach Lecture Series created by philosopher Sydney Banks. He articulated the principles that reveal the foundation of human experience and discusses them in depth, making this Long Beach Lecture Series particularly relevant for educators.

Part 1: Clearing the Mind

Part 2: Keeping it Simple

Part 3: Seeing Beyond Behavior

Part 4: Freedom of Thought

"The Power of the Three Principles in Schools” video series offers such hope and inspiration to the field of education, and beyond. Barb Aust and Christa Campsall are pioneers in sharing the Principles in education. In this series, they share practical, down-to-earth wisdom, with stories of their own learning about the Principles and how this helped them see beyond their personal challenges to living a more fulfilled life. Their new understanding also stimulated creative and innovative ideas which enhanced their capacities as educators.

Barb touches the viewers’ hearts as she recounts the story of her daughters’ life changing transformation that came as a result of Barb seeing beyond the daughters’ pathology to her “wholeness.” Christa shares how she became an education specialist in reaching the so-called “hard-to-reach” students, with compassionate understanding. Many stories are included in this series that highlight the power of tapping into innate wisdom, available to everyone.

Another aspect that I love in this series is the resource of the Sydney Banks’ Long Beach videos. You are offered the best of both worlds. The profundity of the Three Principles underlying the human experience as only Syd can share with his extraordinary depth and understanding. Coupled with Christa’s and Barb’s practical and inspiring stories of how these Principles are impacting students, teachers, and parents, it’s clear the field of education is moving forward, looking toward a bright future; a future of success without stress. This is a series you won’t want to miss!

With love and great respect, Elsie Spittle

Elsie Spittle is an internationally recognized trainer and consultant with over four decades experience as a formal teacher of the Three Principles. Elsie is author of five books, the latest is “The Path to Contentment." She is the co-founder of the Three Principles School which is hosted by Three Principles Foundation.