Customize, from multiple formats available, in-service for the My Guide Inside curriculum. Please contact us regarding these services.

Provide free online Power of the Three Principles in Schools Pro-D video series relevant to the My Guide Inside located here.

Support teachers and interested professionals implementing the My Guide Inside curriculum.

Facilitate access to My Guide Inside E-PUBS for School Districts that purchase class set(s) of MGI.

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Educator views:

“Christa is out to share her learning and thinking with teachers. Our profession is so lucky that she is! Christa brings experience, balance, a focus on helping, creative solutions and options for learning and a down-to-earth approach to helping that is all about relationships. Christa comes to you with my highest recommendation.” J. Smith, Principal

“Christa’s dedication to the educational success of her students extended well beyond the classroom and her School Based Team responsibilities. She is a tireless advocate for all students, but most especially those who experience challenges in a formal school setting. In everything she does, Christa puts students first, and ensures all decisions are made with their best interests in mind.” L. Ruehlen, Principal

“Respected by everyone, Christa never wavered from showing us all how to find the good in others and support them to challenge themselves to succeed. Her diligence, skill in building relationships, and attention to detail are unequalled.” I strongly recommend Christa for any position that requires leadership, team building, advocacy and executive management skills.” R. Bennett, Principal

Family views:

“Thank you for everything, Christa. Your dedication to education and your beautiful manner of conveying your ideas to make it better for all is truly amazing.”

“... we wanted to give you a gift that took time and patience- just like you have given our son and us.”

“Thank you for your care and special attention...your bright and warm personality always made us feel at home.”

“Our daughter is developing into a kind and responsive young lady and is exceeding all expectations, and this is due, in no small part to you. You have taken great care in guiding her through high school and have gone that “extra mile” many times.”

“We feel at peace about our son’s future, thank you Christa.”

Student views:

“Thank-you for sharing your wisdom with us. This is something I will take with me throughout my life.”

“Christa, Thank-you so much for everything. I think I’ll remember this MGI course forever.”

“Thank you, Christa, for everything and especially your wisdom within!”

“Christa, Thanks so much for the amazing opportunity you have given us and for helping us with this initiative!”

“Christa, thank-you for teaching us so many life lessons in such a short amount of time and I’m very honored to get the chance to know you!”

“Christa, Thank-you for opening up my eyes to myself, to everything I have control over. You have inspired me to create a state of mind that makes me more of a happy person.”

“Thank-you for sharing your wisdom and new ideas; we will surely use it throughout our lives.”

“Thank-you so much for everything. This was an amazing experience and has helped me and allowed me to help others.”