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My Guide Inside (MGI) is a new K-12 curriculum. It develops globally essential student core competencies across a school system's entire academic program. These are: Communication, Thinking, Personal Well-being and Social Responsibility. MGI is designed for primary, intermediate, and secondary instruction based on sound education and resilience research. 

Local school system priorities, needs and plans help clarify where the comprehensive MGI curriculum with it practical focus on enhanced student well-being, academic success, and healthy relationships fits best. It may be a stand alone curriculum, or infused in a variety of subjects or courses. My Guide Inside supports educators in all curricular areas, and especially offers major contributions to:  Career Education, Language Arts, Physical & Health Education and local Board/Authority Authorized courses. 

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Our vision …

Children and youth, in ordinary classrooms everywhere, being educated to gain an understanding of their guide inside--their natural, inner wisdom.

We see this understanding fully supports development of education competencies and creates a new and lasting healthy direction for their lives.


Meeting Requirements …

Undoubtedly, as an educator you are responsible for meeting official learning objectives and student competency standards. My Guide Inside is designed to help you do that. MGI is grounded in sound educational research and meets educational learning objectives and competency requirements.


Academic Goals …

MGI has these two academic goals for students:

  1. Enhance Personal Well-being with an understanding of Three Principles, and

  2. Develop competencies in Communication, Thinking, and Personal and Social Responsibility.


Benefits …

  • Discovering their guide inside is key to learning.

  • Accessing natural wisdom develops Communication, Thinking and Social Emotional Learning (including self-determination, self-regulation and self-efficacy.)

  • Developing competencies in Personal Awareness and Responsibility (including positive personal and cultural identity and spiritual wellness), as well as Social Responsibility.

  • Enhancing students’ ability to make decisions, navigate life and build healthy relationships. 

  • Maximizing personal well-being and improving school climate, learner behavior, and academic performance.

  • Meeting education competencies cost effectively.

Features …

  • MGI’s author is an experienced teacher who collaborated with a team of independent education experts to develop MGI.

  • MGI is engaging and academic; designed to be used as a credit course or infused in an existing class or subject area.

  • MGI cost per student is very low.

  • MGI E-PUB is available for free with the purchase of class sets.

  • MGI offers access to free, relevant professional development videos.

  • MGI custom in-service is available for the curriculum.

Overview …

My Guide Inside is a Pre-K-12 comprehensive curriculum with a total of six books. My Guide Inside may be purchased for three classroom levels:  Primary, Intermediate and Secondary. There is a teacher's manual and a learner book for each of the three levels. In addition, classroom package orders include a free EPUB for the ordering school district. Click here to read more.


Young Child:

“The best thing I learned was stay calm and curious instead of fast and furious.”


“A thought is like a seed, it grows into a feeling that opens up inside you. Now you decide to let it go, or keep it … You always have a choice. It’s true for you and for me.”


“Understanding Mind + Consciousness + Thought is something that will stay with me forever and I will pass it on to others. I am so glad that I have learnt this valuable lesson at such an early stage in my life because now I will be able to apply to my life throughout my journey after high school.”


I have been a psychologist and educator for 40 years. What a joy it is to have these books, and the companion volumes for teachers, available to help kids of any age. Christa, Jane, and Kathy point children within to their greatest resource, their innate wisdom. Kids who use MGI will learn what it means to access their own wisdom, or guide inside, which will lead them to having ever more love and compassion in their lives. It will help them experience more deeply the joy of living! MGI is very user friendly, invites participatory learning, and utilizes stories and metaphors to illustrate their points. I loved MGI and think it can be helpful for kids of any age! 

Dr. Dicken Bettinger

Excerpt from MGI Foreword:

“Trust me, having the Three Universal Principles of Mind, Thought and Consciousness shared with your students, which is the purpose of My Guide Inside, is the most precious and life changing gift possible!

These Universal Principles will introduce your students to their true nature and the inside-out nature of experience. My Guide Inside points students to the ever-present internal guidance of wisdom. For the rest of their lives whenever they are faced with challenges and uncertainties these lessons will be PRICELESS!”

Dr. William Pettit, MD

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