Christa Campsall BEd, DiplSpEd, MA, is a teacher who has been in service at the primary, intermediate and secondary levels in the Canadian K-12 education system as: Classroom Teacher, Learning Integration Support Teacher in Special Education and Teacher-Leader of School-based Teams. Christa is also a professional development facilitator and the curriculum developer of My Guide Inside.


These principles reveal the foundation of the human experience, and give people an understanding of their own mental health. In educational terms, when there is an understanding, the learners “own” the knowledge and can use it for their lifelong benefit.

From a global perspective, these principles, when explored in schools, are beginning to have tremendous positive impact on education. As children and youth learn about their inner wisdom, well-being and resilience, it creates a healthy direction for their lives. Gaining an understanding of these foundational principles is known to create consistently dramatic results with those involved. And ... this simple knowledge is relevant for anyone at any age.


In 2015 the National Resilience Resource Center issued a global call for creation of a comprehensive Pre-K-12 Principles-based school curriculum.

Note, for information on NRRC Research and Outcomes, see: nationalresilienceresource.com

NRRC Director Kathy Marshall Emerson saw the need for a Three Principles curriculum aligned with official education policy globally.

With 40+ years seeing consistently dramatic results sharing the principles with her students, Christa answered the call. With a dedicated team of volunteer professionals, she created My Guide Inside (MGI) to innovatively meet government education guidelines. There are six books: primary, intermediate, and secondary learner books and each has a teacher’s manual. EPUBS are available for school systems. The curriculum may be used as a credit course or infused in an existing class or subject area. A powerful student focus group documents impact.

MGI intentionally fits within the British Columbia Ministry of Education’s new guidelines for schools. It also clearly aligns with US, UK and other international education policies. MGI is globally available thanks to much goodwill of many, and tremendous contributions of educators and authors Kathy Marshall Emerson, Jane Tucker and Barbara Aust.


The principles discussed in the My Guide Inside comprehensive curriculum operate in all people, including students of every age. The Pre-K-12 MGI curriculum points the way to wholeness, happiness, creativity and well-being in all parts of life.

Regardless of where you are located in the world, MGI material is suited for and meets selected requirements for Language Arts, Health Education, Career Education, and Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education. It supports inclusion and may be used to develop competencies in Communication, Thinking and Social Emotional Learning, which includes decision making, self-management, healthy relationships and well-being. It also may be used to develop competencies in Personal and Social Responsibility, which includes positive personal and cultural identity, spiritual wellness, as well as social responsibility.

Student Outcomes …

After completing the My Guide Inside curriculum, students shared what they learned in a focus group video. Themes that emerge from students’ understanding of the principles: non-judgment and understanding, empathy and compassion, trust in inner wisdom, improvement in overall health and relationships, and the ability to change.

These students earned academic credit for participation in the My Guide Inside discussions, activities and projects. These solid documented student outcomes were achieved by aligning with educational guidelines grounded in research and educational practice. The outcomes have been documented in this official secondary student focus group conducted by the National Resilience Resource Center.

Please view the video of the teens who have completed the MGI (Book III) course. Focus group experiences with My Guide Inside at Gulf Islands Secondary School.

Or view the video clip of the Focus group experiences with My Guide Inside here.

MGI student one year later…

 “I am so grateful to have participated in the MGI course and learn so much about myself and others. Learning to tap into my own wisdom and knowledge is such a powerful thing. So many underestimate their own power and strength, looking to others for answers, when the answers are in themselves.”